Justin Bieber’s Prayer and Movement

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber, a Canadian artist, made his major-label debut at the age of 14 after a song posted on YouTube at age 12 became a hot topic. Justin Bieber’s debut album was a smash hit and he continued to win platinum and gold discs one after another. He became a pop star and won a Grammy Award in 2015. Today, there are probably fewer people in the world who don’t know him.

Since the release of his album “Purpose” in 2015, he has been able to transcend the boundaries of being a pop star and show us his singing and performance skills as a true artist. Justin Bieber is also known as a devoted Christian, attending church and reading the Bible.

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“One Love Manchester”

The first performance that left a lasting impression on me was “One Love Manchester,” a charity concert held in 2017 in response to the bombings in Manchester, England. Justin Bieber appeared on stage with a single acoustic guitar and performed two songs, “LoveYourself” and “Cold Water”. He was sending a message of respect to the victims, their families, and the audience.

Justin Bieber began by thanking them for inviting him to this concert, and then turned to the audience and said

You guys are so brave. What an amazing thing we’re doing tonight would you not agree?
Would you agree that love always wins?

What better way to fight evil with good than to fight evil with evil would you guys agree with that?

He gave a message to the audience. Then the song began to play.

Near the end of the first song, Justin Bieber raised one hand to encourage the audience to raise their hands, and what started as a chorus of “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

I’m not gonna let go of hope. I’m not gonna let go of love. I’m not gonna let go of god.

God is in the midst of the darkness. God is good in the midst of the evil. God is in the midst no matter what is happening in the world. He loves you and he is here for you.

At the end of the show, he expressed his gratitude and respect to the audience while holding back tears. Justin Bieber’s live performance at “One Love Manchester” was not flashy, and he captivated the crowd from start to finish with just one guitar. I could only see him on video, but it was a great show.

Besides the live at “One Love Manchester”, I also liked the video on BBC Radio’s “Live Lounge”. They covered Tracy Chapman’s masterpiece “Fast Car”, and even though it wasn’t the full performance of “Fast Car”, it made me want to listen to it in full.

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I always feel a consistent message from Justin Bieber’s words. At the root of it, I think it has something to do with being a Christian and the Bible. However, the words of Justin Bieber, an artist loved by people all over the world, are a message that people, regardless of religion, can take in their hearts.

Determination, Intention, Resolution

In the song “Purpose” from his 2017 album, he repeatedly says that it is important to do your best. He says it’s important to do your best and give it your all, even though it may be wrong, weak, or not the best decision. It’s something we can all understand, regardless of our faith. Even artists who have it all, like Justin Bieber, have taught us that it is precious to give our best at all times.

Martin Luther King, Jr. / Freedom.

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His latest album, “Justice,” includes the sermon “MLK Interlude” by civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. (Dr. King), who worked for the elimination of racial discrimination in the 1960s. He preaches that this is the point of living life if you don’t stand up for truth and justice. He said that not acting out of fear of losing criticism, jobs, or fame is as good as dead. “What I hear in “MLK Interlude” is a strong word, “Die.” When I look at the racism and division in America today, it seems that history is repeating itself.

The EP “Freedom.” was released around the same time as the “Justice” album. The songs on this EP (six in total) sound like Justin Bieber’s prayers to God. Among them, “We’re In This Together” and “Afraid to Say” are prayers and blessings for family and peace, telling us that God is watching over us, no matter how hard or difficult the situation, and that everything will be all right. “Afraid to Say” also quote Psalms from the Bible (139:13-16).

God for Japan

For Japan (Japanese), prayer to God may be difficult to understand without the Christian faith. However, Japan has long had gods of the sea and mountains, gods of water and fire, gods of the land (region), and ancestors. From there, I think it’s okay to interpret God, and my feelings for family and peace are the same in Japan. For some reason, the myths of Japan and the world have something in common, and I even wonder if they have a connection.

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Justin Bieber’s words and songs touch my heart and give me courage. Even though our religious background is different, there is no change in the fact that he is loved all over the world for the reason that he gives wonderful music. I will continue to follow the activities of Justin Bieber as an artist.

Last but not least, “HOLY,” a collaboration with Chance the Rapper, reminds me of when I saw Justin Bieber bend down with emotion at the end of the song on Saturday Night Live. I want to hear “HOLY” again.

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