Coleman’s Inflator mat High Peak is very comfortable to sleep on

About Coleman


In 1901, Coleman had a foundation in Wichita, Kansas, USA. The company has a foundation by W.C. Coleman (William Coffin Coleman), which sold the first gas lantern in the open air in 1914, followed by camping stoves, heating irons, floor heaters, cooler bags, and many other practical items necessary for daily life.

In 1965, the company had already introduced outdoor products, tents, sleeping bags, and camping chairs. Today, Coleman has a strong image of outdoor products, but in the early days of the company, It might say that it was a company that created inventions. Later, In Japan, Coleman Japan was founded in 1976 and has developed products for the Japanese market.

In 2020, the company will celebrate 120 years since its founding, and it is taking a more active role in efforts to the natural environment. It seems that the company is also making many new efforts, such as enhancing its repair center to ensure that Coleman products can continue to be used for a long time and collecting product waste to create new products.



One of Coleman’s most famous products is the “lantern,” which is also its “logo.” There are quite a few types of lanterns, including vintage ones. Also, the “Two Burner Camp Stove” is just as popular. Like lanterns, it is still loved and used all over the world.

Coleman sells many popular items, but this time I bought a Coleman inflator mat.

What is an inflator mat?

An inflator mat is a mat that is placed inside a tent or under a sleeping bag. It is a mat made of a combination of urethane and air that is filled with urethane foam and inflates automatically (or not automatically). When I didn’t know the term “inflator,” I searched for the inner mat, air mat, or camping mat.


The inflator comes from the English word “Inflate.” The opposite of inflating is “deflating.” The good thing about inflator mats is that you need to open the valve and wait for a few minutes, and the mats will automatically inflate. You don’t need to take the time to fill it with air and inflate it like you would with an air mat. In addition to Coleman, inflator mats are also available by many other outdoor manufacturers.

Coleman’s Inflator mat

The mat I bought is

Coleman Camper Inflator Mat High Peak / Single

Size when inflated: approx. 198(height) x 68(width)cm
Thickness: approx. 10cm
Storage size: approx. 72cm x 21cm
Material: Polyester, Polyurethane foam
Weight: 2.7kg
Accessories: Pump with storage case
Year of release: 2020

The price is 13,800 yen (tax included). I’m glad I chose this product for its sleeping comfort. There is one double and one single, but I chose the single product for portability.

Try using an inflator mat

[Storage size / portability]
The biggest concern I had when purchasing the product was the size. When I choose camping equipment, I try to choose one that can store it compactly as possible. This mat has the largest storage size than tents, tarps, and tables. that I have. In the end, I focused on comfort rather than portability.

I didn’t want this mat to be portable, although it would be okay if I were mainly traveling by car. I decided that if I needed portability for mountain climbing, I should consider purchasing another mat. Sleep comfort is a significant factor. If your body is not in good condition when you wake up in the morning, it will affect your movement and activities the next day.

[Material / Color]
The material is not shiny, not slippery, and smooth. The color is a calm gray. Usually, when I buy camping gear, my color choices are mainly khaki and black, plus gray. I try not to choose any other colors. In that sense, this gray was a calm color that I liked.

[Check valve]
The check valve has a structure to prevent air from leaking into the mat when you want to fill it with air and to prevent air from entering the mat when you want to remove it. It’s a helpful feature. When you want to inflate the mat, just turn the check valve in the middle and it will automatically inflate. However, when I let the air out once, after that, it started to inflate by itself.

The cause seemed to be that the yellow check valve (pictured above) was slightly out of place and the air was leaking from it. At first, I was upset because I thought it might be defective, but since the check valve is not held in place by a bond or anything, I adjusted it by hand and the air stopped. I think the manual fine adjustment is a good feature of the product.

[When inflating]
Set the check valve to the middle position and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. It will not fill up with air, but it will expand enough.

[Storage case]
This storage case also has the function of an air container. At first, I wasn’t sure if this case would hold air. As I continue to use it, I am thinking that this storage case may be the best. When inflating, it perfectly complements the part that does not automatically fill up. It only takes a few times to inflate it with this storage case. It’s a great product.

The thickness of this mat is 10cm. When camping, uneven ground and cold air from the ground can be a concern, but this mat is thick enough to block out the cold air without making you feel uneven.

[Sleeping comfort / insulation]
I am currently using an inflatable mattress every day instead of a mattress due to circumstances. The mat is as comfortable as a mattress, and once you get the hang of it, you can adjust the firmness to your liking by letting air in and out. The heat retention of the mat is a little hot in the summer season. This is probably due to the fact that the mat is made of insulating fabric. It is recommended to use a cool sheet on top of the mat in summer.

[When deflating]
At first, I thought it might be kind of hard to deflate the air, but with a few tricks and tools (air vent for Futon air ventilator), I was able to deflate it to the same degree as when I bought it, and it became compact.

The first step is to fold the mat by putting your weight on it once or twice. → Then use the air vent that came with the Futon air ventilator to remove the air. (You can use this method if you plan to buy a compression bag.)

That is a good way if you don’t mind have to carry more air venting equipment when you take it outdoors. (The device fits well in the mat’s storage case.)

I haven’t used it for six months or even a year yet (about three months), so I need to use it more to see how durable it is. However, the fabric is solid and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. If I have any problems, I will consult with the Coleman repair center.

The Coleman inflator mat High Peak was comfortable and great to sleep on!

After using it every day, I thought it was a great product. I think it can be used in a variety of ways, including in the car, camping, and as a general mattress. I’m sure that more sophisticated mats will come out in the future, but I want to continue using this product for a long time as a long-life product.