5-ALA and COVID-19 infection control effect

5-ALA (5-Amino Levulinic Acid) is a type of naturally synthesized amino acid. It is a substance produced in the cells of humans, animals, and plants, and is said to have originated 3.6 billion years ago. 5-ALA plays an important role in improving the function of mitochondria in the cells of life. * Mitochondria are organelles in the cell that are responsible for generating energy for the body.

The research team from Nagasaki University in Japan announced the effectiveness of inhibiting viral infection.

A joint research team from Nagasaki University and NeoPharma Japan Co., Ltd. discovered that 5-ALA (5-Amino Levulinic Acid) has a strong inhibitory effect on COVID-19 (new-coronavirus) infection in cultured cells, and the results were officially published in an international academic journal in February 2021. Clinical trials have already started at Nagasaki University Hospital to study antiviral drugs and their practical application. We hope that the results of the activities of Japanese universities and research institutes and the practical application of antiviral drugs will be realized, as there are concerns that the disease may spread again.

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See: www.neopharmajp.co.jp

What foods contain 5-ALA?

NameALA amount(mg)NameALA amount(mg)
Sake0.070〜0.353 Banana0.032
Black vinegar0.150Soy sauce0.022
Squid0.038Green pepper0.018
Spinach  0.014    Shiitake0.005〜0.045  
source: Partially quoted from SBI Pharma

There are foods and drinks that we eat regularly that contain high amounts of ALA. However, when it comes to the preventive effect, a substantial amount of ALA is needed when taken from food, so a high preventive effect may not be expected, but adding it to your daily diet can help improve your body’s immunity. We want to choose foods by looking at the amount of ALA contained in the food.


Other than the food, 5-ALA is utilized as an ingredient.

5-ALA is said to be a safe amino acid that plays an important role in helping mitochondria produce energy, either as a moisturizer to replenish moisture or to improve metabolic function. Some of the ingredients that are being used include health foods, cosmetics, and supplements. Other research is still underway to detect and treat cancer cells with techniques that differ from conventional treatments.

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We were able to learn a little more about 5-ALA (5-Amino Levulinic Acid) from the bright news released this time from Nagasaki University. It is a versatile ingredient that can prevent COVID-19 (new-coronavirus) infection, improve metabolic function, and act as a moisturizer. First of all, I would like to taste sake, which contains a large amount of ALA, with octopus and squid in my daily diet.